Social Media Marketing Tips

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Newly Sociable Businesses Just getting started with social media marketing for your business? If you’re a longtime Facebook or Twitter user, you’re already familiar with the basics. However, business interactions require a different approach than you may be accustomed to using with your personal networks. Below are three important social media marketing tips to keep in mind. 1. Pick the right social networks. You may be an Instagram aficionado, but are your customers

The Do’s and Don’ts of Backlinks

The Do’s and Don’ts of Backlinks Links pointing back to your website help bring traffic to it — in more ways than one. However, the all-powerful search engines judge the quality of your site in large part on the quality of the sites recommending it. Thus, you’ll want to be choosy about your site’s backlinks to remain in good standing with Google and other search engines. What are Backlinks? Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks pointing to your website from another website.

Phabulous Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are Even More Phabulous Thanks to Phablets It’s no secret that consumers love their smartphones, a trend that has fueled mobile application development over the last few years. Though growth rates are tapering off as the market matures, they’re still well into the double digits. Plus, the emergence of “phablets,” which offer even greater mobility, has proven to be popular. According to Flurry Analytics, 2015 saw an average of 58 percent growth in mobile app usage compared to

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