Digital Marketing

A2Z Technology Solutions offers comprehensive digital marketing services designed to attract and convert your targeted audience.

  • Organic SEO — Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential if you want your website to be discovered on Google and other search engines for phrases related to your product or service. A2Z Technology Solutions first conducts keyword research to determine which keywords represent the best opportunity to be discovered by your target market.

    We then “optimize” your website and built natural links (no spammy or unethical link schemes allowed!) pointing to it with those phrases so that it can be found organically. There’s an art and science to SEO — and search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to improve the search experience for their users. Our SEO experts follow SEO best practices and continuously educate themselves on the latest search engine trends and updates.

  • Email Marketing — Stay in front of prospects and customers with our email marketing services. We start by placing enticing opt-in forms on your website to build your email marketing list. Our email marketing consultants also design custom email templates with HTML and CSS, develop and launch email marketing campaigns, perform email spam tests, and more.

    Effective email marketing campaigns allow you to build trust, offer special promotions, showcase your expertise, and drive traffic back to your website for additional sales opportunities.

  • Social Media Marketing — Still assigning social media marketing to an administrative assistant or trying to do it yourself? Not only is social media time-consuming, it’s challenging to pull it off effectively. That said, it is one of the most powerful marketing channels available. Let our social media marketing gurus take over so that you can fully leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to their fullest advantage.

    When done right, social media can: drive targeted traffic to your site, build high quality backlinks back to your website (which helps with organic SEO), increase your website’s popularity, create brand awareness, build trust with your audience, engage your audience, and much more.

  • PPC Management — Organic SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing all take time. Paid advertising, like pay per click (PPC), delivers results immediately. Our PPC management services are proven and effective. We follow best practices to select the most effective and least competitive keywords, write enticing ad copy, manage bids and costs, split test ads, track campaigns, and keep you informed of exactly how well your ads are performing.
  • Mobile Application Marketing — Whether you have an existing app or A2Z Technology Solutions is developing one for you, your mobile application’s ultimate success requires a good marketing plan. The app stores are crowded, and competition is fierce. Our mobile application marketing services cover everything from USP development and pre-launch marketing to viral ad campaigns, paid promotions, in-app campaigns via other popular apps, how to videos and podcasts, social media marketing, review generation to drive downloads, and more. We also recommend updates and value-added features to ensure your app evolves and stays popular.
  • Online Reputation Management — Our online reputation management service constantly monitors the web and social media for mentions of your company, brand, name, and products to find and respond to both positive and negative feedback. This service is essential for both building a stellar reputation and repairing one that’s already been harmed by negative reviews, dissatisfied customers, competitors, disgruntled employees, poor press, and other concerns.

Whether you’re interested in paid advertising, social media, email marketing, SEO, or all of the above, each of our digital marketing services is customized to your needs, preferences, and brand messaging. Contact us today to get started.

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