Extending the Performance with Magento Extensions

Extending the Performance with Magento Extensions

Magento is an e-commerce platform that provides hassle free web content management to startups and fast growing business. There is a plethora of extensions that are available to enable the website owners enhance the looks and functionality of their websites. Here is a list of 10 Magento extensions to optimize your online store for more sales.

Quick View Product Extension
Whether you have a small or large sized online shop to sell products, it is mandatory to keep track records over the time a user is spending on your time. Ensure to decrease a consumer’s time on browsing through the product pages, category pages, or any such search page and minimize the chances of refreshing the page. To do so, Magento offers “Quick View Product” extension which is the most feasible and viable solution. This feature helps to trim out the time being spent on reading the product information and helps to provide a quick recap review of all the information on the product listed pages. Apart from this, it also doesn’t need scrolling back and forth to access data.

Color Swatch
While it is the need of any online store to display different products and deals in a varied pattern, it needs lots of hard work to sort it. However, thanks to Magento it provides a Color Swatch extension that brings such features handy with convenience. It helps to display different designs, colors, and patterns. Now you can easily embed standard features without affecting the overall functionality. What makes this extension popular is its adaptability to all the Magento versions and support for multiple attributes for a single product.

Product Video Extension – IWD
Provide the best product visuals, pages and enhance the looks with the Magento Product Video Extensions. This is exactly what could be a dream of shopping site owner. You can easily and proficiently highlight the important features of your product and supports the video from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms. IWD extension is easy to install, cost effective and comes with a 15 days money back guarantee.

Magic Zoom Plus
Zooming in feature is not something new to the online shopping sites owner. It is attractive and helpful as the user can feel confident and check out the finest details of the product from your store. Add zoom in feature to your shopping site and your product images with the help o Magic Zoom Plus. This extension provides zooming in features in 2 different modes. Firstly the Zoom on hover where the user can place the cursor over the image and see the specified enlarged image and second is Enlarge on Click where you can click and get enlarged view of the entire product on screen.

Gift wrap
Gift wrapping feature is still a new concept for most of the online sites and that’s what can give you an edge over others. Entice your customers to make a purchase from you and add a valuable addition to their purchase by offering them gift wrapping option along with a little sweet message before delivering. The responsive app works on all the platforms and devices enabling users to choose from the numerous gift wrapping options based on users needs and demands. Gift wrapped delivering sites are a big hit in today’s fast paced world.

Though Google has launched it mobile friendly update this year, many websites are not capable of serving mobile or Smartphone users effectively due to lack of technology or no mobile friendly support. To eliminate such drastic negative effect, Magneto offers a brilliant mobile friendly tool known as ShopGate. You can now easily create a shopping app of yours or create and manage an online mobile website just by picking up the website design, installing the Shopgate plug-in and adjusting the settings. It supports a lot of useful features necessary to manage mobile app.

GEO for Magento
Google is used to launch new and better updates for the e-commerce site owners giving them insight to customers’ usage patterns and Google Enhanced Ecommerce is the latest offering in the same field. This extension is extremely easy to use and helps analyze the e-commerce data patterns. It has made Universal analytics and enhanced ecommerce easier and quicker for those who own a Magento website. What is exceptional about this extension is that it is available FREE of cost.

Fashion Clothing Closet
With Online commerce for clothes getting popular day by day, the need for a fashion clothing extension was felt and FCC Magneto is an answer to such demands. Finding the right clothes is easy but choosing the perfect color combinations is not! Fashion Clothing Closet Magneto offers a virtual model on screen, over which the users can drag and drop certain clothes they want to check. Thus, it helps to create a virtual dummy to select the right color and combinations in front of their eyes. This extension comes compatible with IE10, Opera Mini, Firefox etc.

The bug related extension that will prove to be the most helpful as per the site performance. Usernap is a great Magneto extension that improves the user experience while shopping online. There are performance issues related to every site and Usernap helps to identify them and makes the website work correctly, without any glitches. It is a kind of bug tracking too that helps to create visual screenshots of the glitches that the user had experienced on your store or site. Try this tool for free and check out your performance.

If you are planning to build a mobile website or a mobile app of your own with little or no investment, then guys this one is the perfect and instant solution to all your needs. It is almost like the ShopGate with additional mobile theme availability for your store as well as the app. Cost competitive and easy to use, KanCart is great for all. It is also available in HTML5 version which means you will have to face fewer compatibility issues and a load time that is far better and quick. While we have so many options here right now, further reforms and developments are yet to come our way with Magento. These extensions not only offer features but are a great tool to boost your business and be distinctive amongst all.

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