Font Development Services

Your brand is unique, so why settle for Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman? Make an impact with our custom font development services. We offer both traditional and international font development services.

Traditional Font Development Services for Visual Impact

Our international font development expertise provides us with a unique skill set that translates into gorgeous fonts in any language including English. Human handwriting, logo, and symbol fonts are our specialty. Our font developers are skilled in TrueType®, OpenType®, PostScript®, Unicode, and other font formats and character coding systems.

We offer a variety of font development services including:

  • Custom typeface design
  • Various keyboard layouts
  • International language font development
  • Font format conversions
  • Logo font development
  • Symbol font development
  • Web font development
  • Human handwriting font development
  • Unicode-compliant font development
  • Printer font editing
  • Font consulting

Font Development Services for International Language Computing

Our roots in font development reach across the globe to Asia where computer font requirements extend beyond A to Z. Having served an international clientele for nearly two decades, we have developed indigenous fonts and our own font systems for a variety of Asian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, and Bengali.

What does this mean to you? If you cater to an international market, our international font development expertise allows you to communicate your brand messaging in a native, authentic visual format that resonates with consumers.

Whether communicating with an American or international audience, the fonts you use send a message. Make sure that message aligns with your brand by scheduling a font consultation with A2Z Technology Solutions.

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